Buying and Selling Real Estate is what I do everyday. Sometimes what I think is obvious is the furthest thing from obvious to my clients. So, I thought I would share a couple entertaining questions I’ve been asked over the years.

Question 1

Setting: It is a bright, sunny day and an older home in need of renovations and located in an idyllic setting has been SOLD. It is getting very close to the Buyers moving in. The Seller has worked very diligently to get the home clean and empty so is a bit tired of the process.

Seller: “Well Dale, there is only a few pieces of furniture left in the house…an old desk, an end table and a heavy chest of drawers. I think I will leave them for the Buyers. Do you think they will want them?”

Me in my head: Let me think…will the Buyers see it as a gift that you left old, junky furniture you don’t want for them to have…? Ummm…sure…that sounds about right. 

Me out loud: “I have the number for Got Junk.”

Moral of the story…If you don’t want your old stuff, big chance the new Buyers don’t either!

Question 2

Setting: First time Young Buyer has purchased a lovely townhome and is close to moving in. He is super excited and a bit nervous!

Young Buyer: “Dale do all of the utilities automatically transfer over to me?”

Me in my head: Yes of course they do because ESP is a real thing!

Me out loud: “Nope. You need to contact each service provider to get everything hooked up.”

Moral of the story… Make sure your Realtor provides you with a list of service providers and their numbers so that you can contact them well in advance of moving in.

There are a lot of unknowns in Buying and Selling Real Estate when you only do it once every 7-10 years. In all seriousness, no question is silly so never hesitate to ask your Realtor. That’s what they are there for!

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Dale and Cailla Patterson

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